Irish Saithe FIP Workplan

This Fishery Improvement Project is focused on Irish fisheries for Saithe which is an important species for the Irish fishing industry.


Saithe FIP work plan October 2020 – September 2022

Fishery: Demersal trawl and seine fishery in ICES Areas VI & VII 

Fleet: Irish registered vessels fishing for Saithe with demersal trawls and seines.

A pre-assessment report under the Marine Stewardship Council Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Fishing was conducted in August 2020 which covered the trawl and seine fisheries for Saithe.   

The pre-assessment concluded that the status of the Hake stock is very healthy. The pre-assessment report found that there are issues with the TAC being set at a higher level than scientific advice, that knowledge of stock status for some primary and secondary species was lacking and that specific fishery objectives should be developed.


Principle 1: Stock Management

The Saithe stock in ICES Area 6 is assessed by the most recent ICES advice (June 2019) as being above MSY level with fishing mortality below FMSY.

The Saithe stock in Area 7 is not assessed so a Risk Based Framework is used. Neither stock is assessed as being depleted in the pre-assessment report.

Action 1.1 Improving Fisheries data in Area 7


  • To work with Marine Institute scientists to identify where industry can contribute data to improve management and decision making.


  • Task 1.1 Meet with MI scientists to discuss stock scientific issues in Area 7. October 2020 – December 2020.

    Task 1.2 Identify issues and priorities with catching sector FIP members. October – December 2020.

    Task 1.3 Develop industry data provision and improved observer coverage program. January – December 2021.

    Principle 2: Environment:

    Action 2.1  Environmental impact of the fishery


    • To collect baseline information to improve the knowledge of the impact of the fishery on the primary species, elasmobranchs, ETP species and on habitats.


      • Task 2.1 Develop a program with BIM and the Marine Institute to collect baseline data on catches of Whiting in the trawl fishery and Cod in the gillnet fishery. October 2020 – June 2021

        Task 2.2 Develop a program with BIM and the Marine Institute to collect baseline data on elasmobranch bycatches in the trawl and gillnet fisheries. October 2020 – June 2021

        Task 2.3 Develop an industry program of ETP data collection, focussed in particular on bycatch of Harbour Porpoise. Jan 2021 – June 2022.

    Principle 3: Management System

    Action 3.1 Unwanted Catches


    To examine levels of unwanted catches in the Saithe fishery and to develop measures to reduce unwanted catches. 


    • Task 3.1 As part of the industry data collection initiatives under P1 and P2 collect data on unwanted catches of Whiting, Haddock and Hake. January 2021 – December 2021

      Task 3.2 Develop measures to reduce unwanted catches of Whiting, Haddock and Hake. January 2022 – September 2022.